Tulum beach accommodation, Yucatan, Mexico



Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tulum beach accommodation, Yucatan, Mexico


Sustainable tourism embraces not only the environment but three additional life components: human, economic and cultural components. Sustainability is the balance of all these four parts to ensure that people, places, plants and purpose are honored in everything you do on your vacation. Sustainable tourism effects where we live, where you vacation and maintains the vacation destination for future generations.

Sustainability is a belief that motivates and inspires our company.

Human aspect of sustainable tourism – Sustainable tourism comes down to human stories, education, information, respect for other people regardless of where they come from, what they do or where they are headed. This respect includes our staff, our international guests and the local guides who share their experiences, knowledge and stories.

Environmental aspects of Sustainable tourism – Preservation of the beach, the cenote, the palm trees, and mangroves. The natural environment in Tulum is what makes this piece of Paradise….Paradise. Education and behaviors maintain the natural habitat of the area. Environmental and ecological aspects for sustainable tourism are about finding and implementing solutions to preserve the natural landscape so that nature not only survives but thrives. Beyond the direct impact on the property, we only refer our guests to other local tourism businesses that have the same belief, whether it be using local ingredients at restaurants, opening up the world of Tulum to our guests through low impact, eco-conscious tours that focus on the natural beauty of the area, and eco-product suggestions that help to preserve the surrounding environment. Your beachside experience will heighten your awareness of the delicate balance on the planet.


Economic aspects of sustainable tourism – Tour locally, live locally, buy locally. To maintain the economy within the area and ensure employment for Tulum residents, we hire locally, buy locally and encourage our guests to do the same. Part of an international vacation experience is to try local products and services that you cannot find at home. The fruit, the meat, the guy on the street selling crafts, the local cuisine are the joys of a vacation.

Cultural aspects of sustainable tourism – We have sourced as many cultural experiences for our guests which we recommend daily. Whether it be a visit to the Tulum Ruins, a temezcal steam lodge ceremony, a trip to the local organic market or a great taco place, these are the experiences that you will remember forever. Understanding and experiencing the local culture as it is, is the vacation experience we create for our guests; authentic, real and true exchanges between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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