Finland lakes region self catering cottages


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finland lakes region self catering cottages


We have the principle of organic farming since the year 1983 when Taina´s father was a farmer here. This means that we use organic products on our fields and our production is also checked every year according to our agreement of organic farming. We recycle for example the tins and bottles. Energy waste from the cottages has its own place near the cottage. At he cottage there is information how visitors can recycle their waste. We attend just now the project KESMA II which developes sustainable tourism. At our cottages we use renewable energy sources and recommend our visitors to have fire in the chimney so that electricity heat is less needed. Also in sauna we heat with wood. Our cottages are built from log trees which are taken of surrounding forest. They are building with an old building system using also axe. The cottages are situated in the peaceful nature. We like to keep this nature as naturally as we can. Skiing tracks goes in the nature so that our visitors when they are skiing are able to see how beautiful the nature can be. In summer time skiing tracks are available to use for walking and picking berries and mushrooms.


On our web site we have activities information. These our visitors can find and see, all kind of different things what to do and see on our area. For example horse and Island pony ridings, local restaurant, local cafeteria, home bread school, kosmetolog beauty center, massage, local healthy center and so on. At the cottages we have information of trails with four languages, our visitors can have this information when they want to hike for example on National Park Päijänne trails. At the cottages we have information map with four languages so that visitors could better understand all possibilities what they can have during their vacations. At the cottages there is guestbook. Some visitors have written information of their vacations, all kind of things what they enjoyed and have seen. These review help new visitors and give good tips for their vacations. We like to meet our every visitor at arrival and also at departure, we also ask review to make everything nice and cosy.

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