Portugal tree house accommdation, Northern Portugal



Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Portugal tree house accommdation, Northern Portugal


Situated in the center of the stunning landscape of the Minho Region and closely connected with its cultural heritage, the Casas de Campo has planted its foundation upon local agricultural development. True to form, we have added lodging based on the indigenous style of building, the espigueiros or granaries, rustic buildings already existing in this area. This was done in order to remain consistent with local customs and history. Here our guests will be able to take part in the daily agricultural chores, interact with local residents or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful region.
Quality, service and cultural interaction are the concepts upon which Quinta de Lamosa responsible

The national park are rich in flora and fauna, Help us to protect her walking carefully and do not create conflicts with animals or flowers start. We have recycling point in the cottages and the national park, have no need to leave trash on the ground that only come help contaminate soils.

The waters of the houses are heated by solar panels and the house is supplied with water from the spring.The water we use comes from mines water the property and is reused for irrigation of fruit trees and crops of strawberries and blueberries. We are developing a mini dam in a small river so we can create self-sustainability. This accommodation allows guests enjoy the potential of the Peneda Geres National Park and trough outdoor activities, know more about park and the region; Here are Some of the many trails we have for itself. Our good location in the park, next to communities is to the story of Portugal's farm a prefect place to go back in time and history; we are located in Gondoriz / Arcos Valdevez, being bathed by the river Azere and the river Vez in the gates of the National Park of Peneda Geres.

Its privileged location allows them to be inserted in a landscape where rivers, mountains, forests and farmland make this place a privilege of nature. Local privileged by their surroundings where rest and rediscovery of nature are permanent and where you can glimpse local ancestors; Since the Sistelo village, the village of Soajo, Mezio of the mild, the terraces of Sistelo yellow mountains on the invernadeiras, all between a green architecture.


When arriving at the farm, we inform where guests on shopping or other, in small local shops in order to support the local economy. These stores also have handicraft typical of the region and the National Park. For that we provide a short list.

The farm over the years has supported ace organizing committees of local festivals and worked side by side with the Church in supporting the most disadvantaged whom most of the times give temporary employment supporting the local economy can develop sustainability of the farm but also managed to anyone visiting this region knows a territory full of natural beauty but also a lot of warmth.

Arcos Valdevez village since 1515 was the scene of bloody tournament in 1141 "Valdevez encounter" that allowed D. Afonso Henriques defeating Afonso VII, your cousin, and affirm the nationality of Portugal, where nature coexists smoothly with ancient history.The relationship between the history of Portugal, with all their villages and historical places and nature of the National Park Peneda Geres make the Quinta Lamosa houses and the region a unique place.

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