Look behind the brochure

Look behind the brochure logoTraditional vacation brochures and websites tell you all about your vacation (of course we do this - and very prettily too!) but nothing about the impact of your vacation on the environment, local people and cultures.

We believe that the future of tourism lies in curious travelers who want to know more about the places they are visiting, and about how their vacation has been designed to improve the benefits of tourism to local people and environments.

Our 'look behind the brochure' scheme means that you can do this for every one of the vacations on our site. We screen every tour company and hotel on the site against our criteria for Responsible Travel. We then publish their overall Responsible Tourism policies AND the specifics of how every trip 'makes a difference' on each and every vacation page.

We also publish warts and all travelers reviews on their vacation experiences and responsible travel on the site. Every review is sent back to the operator of the vacation to help them improve their practices. We monitor these reviews very carefully and if a company is found to have misrepresented its practices we seek an explanation and if necessary remove them from the site.

Only 25% of the companies that approach us to market their vacations end up meeting all our criteria and joining the site. Over the years we've removed 17 companies because we've not been able to be confident about their responsible tourism practices.
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