How does it work?

You create & maintain your accommodation page on the site and travelers make enquiries to you via the page. These enquiries are passed directly to you from Responsible Travel by e-mail.

We will assign you a dedicated Account Manager whose job it is to help generate enquiries to you and, as you pay us a commission on any sales we generate, it is in our interest to generate as many bookings for you as possible.

You will have your own log in to our systems from where you can review enquiries, manage reviews & declare your bookings to us. It is very important to declare bookings as we use your conversion rate of enquiries to bookings as a measure of your performance. It is this performance which determines your level of promotion.

Who do we promote?

We promote accommodations that meet our requirements for Responsible Tourism - see ‘Our Promise’. Please note that we only promote bona fide businesses and businesses with their own websites. We are unable to promote companies with existing Google ads. We are currently not offering membership to accommodations in Australia, Africa or India due to the number of accommodations we already promote there.

How much does it cost?

The annual fee is £125 per year + 10% commission per confirmed booking. Please note that we do not offer a discount on the membership fee under any circumstances as the fee is used to invest in marketing to generate booking enquiries for you. All membership fees and commissions are subject to VAT where applicable.

Will it work for me?

We like to be transparent about what type of accommodation our membership is suitable for. Experience has shown us that membership is only really cost effective for members who's average spend per booking is at least £400. This can be difficult to achieve for example for smaller accommodations such as bed and breakfasts. Therefore if we don't think that we can achieve a satisfactory return on your membership we will decline your membership request. This is by no means a reflection of your accommodation and its credentials, it's purely because we don't feel that we will be able to generate the extra business for you.

What next?

1) If you are interested in joining please contact with a short introduction to your accommodation, its responsible credentials and a link to your website. Please do not include photos or attachments. Successful applications will be contacted within 10 working days with additional details. Please note that due to the high volume of interest only successful applications will be responded to.

2) You will be asked to build your page on our system. Note: you are not permitted to have your accommodation name on your page as this competes directly with your own website and we wish to bring you new enquiries.

3) Once you have built your page and it is approved and live, you will be allocated an Account Manager and be ready to receive enquiries.

Welcome to Responsible Travel

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