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Responsible Travel was founded in 2001. The vast majority of customers have fabulous vacations. We have over 7000 reviews on the site, and we rank experiences from 5* (I am reborn, simply the best vacation I have ever been on) to 1* (a bit disappointing). The average score is 4.5/5*

Our buyer protection scheme

How it works
When you've chosen and booked your vacation you will pay the vacation provider directly. We choose the companies we work with very carefully and monitor our customer's experiences via our review system to ensure they are delivering outstanding vacations. Responsible Travel have been trading with these vacation providers for numerous years and they have proven track records regarding the quality of vacations they run and their financial standing. All our UK operators adhere to EU regulations.

We understand that purchasing vacations from companies you may not know may cause some concerns especially when they are based in the country of destination. It is highly unlikely that one of our vacation providers will cease trading and therefore have to cancel your vacation. We suggest that you take out travel insurance that will cover cancellation and where possible pay by credit card. However, in the extremely unlikely event that our vacation provider ceases trading and therefore has to cancel your vacation and you aren't able to get your money back from them directly, an insurance claim or any bonding scheme, Responsible Travel will refund you (terms & conditions apply). If you cancel your booking then you are subject to the cancellation terms of our supplier that you will have agreed to when booking.

We're here to help
If you are not satisfied with your vacations then the first step is to resolve it with our supplier while you are in the destination. However, if you need further help please contact us on your return and we will speak with them and mediate to sort things out so everyone is satisfied.
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