Lake Vouliagmeni tours near Athens, Greece

“Just 25kms by bus from Athens, go swimming in Lake Vouliagmeni natural mineral spa, with some hiking and sea kayaking thrown into this Hellenic heavenly day.”


Lake Vouliagmeni | Guided hiking around Faskomillia nature reserve | Sea kayaking


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lake Vouliagmeni tours near Athens, Greece


We treat all of the flora and fauna that we encounter with respect. The tour is without any motorized vehicles and it is all about slow travel-walking, swimming and kayaking. When clients are coming to the starting point of the tour we recommend that they get there by public transportation. We do not leave any waste lying around. We pick it up and dispose of it in a proper way. During the kayaking we try to collect as much waste lying in the water as possible. We also collect waste lying on the beach. We financially support nature organizations and we work in close cooperation with them. See also the "promise to support my community" section. Local wildlife includes grouses, foxes, lizzards, turtles, owls, hoopoe and robins. Flora: greek spiny spurge, olive, sage, thyme, caper plant. We reduce our energy and we reduce, reuse reclycle. We also make compost of all the organic waste and use it for the garden. The garden has many native species. During this eco-tour we show which species are native and which species are invasive species (e.g. eucalyptus) and we explain why it is important to grow native species.


We recommend people to take the optional trip in the area-to Cape Sounio. This can be done by regional bus and people thus support the regional economy. Also, the meal is prepared of local, fesh products, not from imported products, thus supporting local farmers. The entrance fees to the lake benefits the local community too. Overall, we provide guests with lots of local information about things to do in Greece and where to go in Greece. We emphasize the more authentic way of traveling, with respect for nature and the environment, family-run accommodations and low-carbon ways of traveling. We actively work with nature organizations and support their work, which is much needed these days. Considering the fact that Greece is facing a major economic crisis, state funding is close to zero nowadays and corporate sponsorship is minimal, we believe that eco-tourism, bird tourism and voluntourism can be powerful revenue generating opportunities for those struggling NGO's.

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