Cave photography day tour, Slovenia


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cave photography day tour, Slovenia


A2A is committed to sustaining the intact nature of the caves we visit. We respect the limited numbers of visitors allowed into the cave every year and only take guests in groups of 2 - 4 depending on the length of the visit. We have developed an excellent working relationship with custodian and speleologist responsible for the cave and only enter the cave under his guidance.

Our clients are first briefed on safety aspects relating to the cave visit and are then instructed on conservation guidelines. We only use the marked pathways through the cave, use recommended lighting provided and wear the correct footwear and protective clothing provided by the expert guides. We educate our guests on the wildlife living in and around the caves and how to respect their environment and not to disturb their natural habitat. Guests are informed of the 44 different species for whom the cave is home and understand the importance of preserving this cave which is ranked as the 4th most important cave eco-system by bio-diversity.

When setting up for a photographic shoot, guests are instructed on how best to work as a team to achieve great shots whilst leaving a minimal footprint in the cave.

Workshops in the caves only take place if conditions are optimal in order to preserve the lakes and rock formations. We are in regular contact with the custodian to ensure that water levels are safe and high enough to make certain that our visit will not be damaging to the cave or wildlife. Alternative itineraries are planned to cater for such situations.

Back at the A2A office we are an almost paperless operation and conduct as much of our correspondence and promotions via the web and internet.


We understand how to get the balance right between bringing visitors to the Karst cave region in order to support tourism and photograph this magnificent natural wonder whilst respecting the need to preserve the cave and its surrounding environment.

We have fostered relationships with the local custodian and speleologist and only enter the cave with him or one of his team of specially trained guides. Through this relationship we have expert knowledge of the importance of this system of caves to the surrounding area, their impact on the local people and wildlife living there. We fully support government and local initiatives to protect the intact nature of the cave system, such as a recent project by Members of The Association of Križna jama to smooth sediment to speed up the process of renaturation which is made by water during floods.

On our half and full-day trips we take our guests to nearby Gostilnas (Inns) to experience a warm Slovene welcome and to sample locally produced food. Here they can learn where the food comes from, how it is farmed and even how to make it themselves once home. We support local business by encouraging our clients to purchase specialities, including Karst gastronomic specialities such as Karst ham, panceta and zašink.

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