Durango ranch tours in Colorado, USA

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Durango ranch tours in Colorado, USA


We have adopted ethical and organic farming practices that benefit our animals, land and community. Our cattle are 100% grass fed and our pigs are rotated on lush pastures and given grain soaked in whey from the cheese-making process. Our animals are treated respectfully and we produce meat without the use of chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, pesticides or antibiotics.

We promote the benefits of organic and sustainable farming to a range of people from tourists to school groups, and we hope that we can create a fun and memorable learning experience that will go on to encourage each person to opt for sustainable sources in their daily life. We run small tours using an electric cart which helps to further protect the environment.

We also have a nursery for native tree species and opt for a holistic approach in raising trees. We use multi-species grazing to manage the grass in the nursery and strive to maintain the health of the tree farm by pasturing a flock of 300 laying hens among the spruce trees. The hens are free to scratch and dine on the insects living in the grasses.


The ranch is a collection of families all working together to operate a range of enterprises from organic meats to flowers and herbs, and we work to serve the wider community in Durango with local, high quality produce. We have our own market on the James Ranch which offers locals and visitors the opportunity to buy food directly from its source and see for themselves where it was grown or raised. We welcome questions about our products and can confidently answer most! We are happy to share our story with those who are interested.

We run tours that can educate and inspire members of our community and visitors to support local and sustainable sources. The Harvest Grill and Greens is our on-site food cart serving our own produce, and produce from local, organic vendors as well as our beef (voted Best Burger in Durango), our cheeses, and locally baked breads.

We're a family-run ranch that started out with Kay and David James and saw their grown-up children return to the ranch wanting to be a part of utilizing and improving the land with sustainable practices. Today, eleven different agriculturally based enterprises are flourishing at James Ranch--everything from organic farming to free-range eggs to artisan cheese and pasture-fed pork are supported by the land, even as the families on the ranch and the surrounding community reap the benefits of well-managed open space.

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