Traditional Slovenian evening


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Traditional Slovenian evening


Our main purpose is to help our folk dance groups in our country to maintain our cultural heritage. With our payments to them we help to buy new costumes, to travel also to worldwide festivals where they present our country, to bring new young people to join our folklore groups and not to forget our local dances, songs, games etc.
We love our job and bring smile to people that visits us.
We organize our events in local restaurants and we help them with their business. We offer to our guests a unforgettable experience to get to know local people and local traditions in one evening. We try to represent different regions of our country and promote local food and wine. This helps our guests get to know the regional communities better.

All of our invoices, and tickets for our event to our guests are issued as PDF - not printed on paper. The majority of our information are disseminated via PDF downloads and emails rather than printed on paper. In our office we operate mainly with computers. We use emails rather than fax and do print documents but store them on our computers and in online clouds.


We promise to help and represent our culture to all the guests that visit our country Slovenia and to help preserve our customs in this way.

We help to promote Slovenia as an authentic travel & culinary destination and to put those members of local folk dance groups in touch with local artists.
The majority of money generated on our events goes into the pockets of our cultural associations and other locally operated businesses.

All of the meals included in our events are at locally owned and operated restaurants. In this way our clients have an opportunity to taste some of the typical specialties of the region and at the same time help the local economy. Most of the food served at these places are from the owner's origin, though a few items are supplemented from other local farmers and food producers in the region.

Many of the wines and food specialties on our events (such as blueberry schnapps, teran liquer and local open wines ) are not available anywhere outside of these countries. This gives our guests a real unique chance to try something that they could never purchase at home, help put some money into the local economy and give good word of mouth to these businesses, which is key to their sustainability. We prepare also to every guest a handmade souvenir Gingerbread heart that is a symbol of our country and it is something they can take home to remember us by.

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