Ljubljana food tour, Slovenia


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ljubljana food tour, Slovenia


All of our invoices, travel information and travel documents to our clients are issued via email or PDF - not printed on paper. All of our promotion and brochures are disseminated via the internet, PDF downloads and emails rather than printed on paper. In our office we operate mainly with computers. We use emails rather than fax and do print documents but store them on our computers and in online clouds.

These tours are environmentally friendly as our whole line of tours (gourmet, dessert, wine, craft beers) are all walking tours. We don't use any vehicles (cars, vans or even public buses) so there is no fossil fuel burned or other harmful emissions. All of these foodwalks are sustainable and responsible because we our partners here in Ljubljana (chefs, restauranteurs, wine makers, craft beer makers, small business owners) care not only about their dreams, but the health of our planet as well.


Our foodwalks are sustainable and responsible because we befriend you with the individuals who care about their dreams, others and the planet. Our foodwalks are authentic and offer the most sincere insight into contemporary Ljubljana gourmet scene as well as historical reasons for it. And with your visit, we support local economy as we deal with independently owned local businesses which use fresh, local, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. We are Ljubljana natives, keeping away from tourist traps: we dine where the locals do and in doing so we support the local economy.

Many of the wines, micro-beers and food specialties on our tours are not available anywhere outside of these countries. This gives our guests a real unique chance to try something that they could never purchase at home, help put some money into the local economy and give good word of mouth to these businesses, which is key to their sustainability.

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