Accessible city bus tour of Barcelona

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Accessible city bus tour of Barcelona


We are concerned for the environmental effects of the operation and maintenance of our services. We develop projects to reduce energy consumption, improve air quality and promote a more sustainable culture amongst all of us. We work to reconcile our activities with the level of environmental commitment society demands of us.

Water management:
We are able to ensure appropriate water management thanks to audits, the constant detection of possible improvements and the design of the integrated management plan (reduction of consumption, utilization of phreatic, waste and rain water). Advancing in the context of the Master Plan, we have designed an environmental management pilot scheme, based on a station and a workshop, which contemplates optimised water management and increased energy efficiency.

Waste management:
The main challenge we face is the responsible management of the waste generated in the course of our activity. In order to achieve this, we must first identify the waste, initiate improvements, implement a collection system in workshops, offices and the network, and anticipate what measures need to be implemented in the design of new areas and new facilities or when carrying out alterations.

Environmental sustainability:
Environmental sustainability is linked to greater efficiency in the configuration and management of the bus fleet and metro network. Aspects such as the defining of an efficient network type, the constant updating of emission and immission maps, extending bus lanes, optimising traffic light priority for buses or adapting the design of stops to facilitate intermodality or accessibility are elements that can be planned and managed to make a more sustainable public transport network.

Greening our fleet:
Our application of environmental criteria when purchasing technology, research into maximum efficiency when renewing the bus fleet, consideration of environmental criteria in remodelling processes, repair and maintenance of vehicles and our spirit of constantly seeking mobile units that better meet environmental requirements, make us a reference in environmental sustainability and means that we meet the most exacting standards of eco-efficiency in order to minimise impact on climate change.

Corporate sustainability culture:
Having an internal culture of sustainability means incorporating criteria of responsible consumption (energy, water, materials and proper waste management into our way of thinking, that is, when making decisions and when our staff undertake their activities. When a culture of sustainability becomes rooted in an organisation, this is projected more strongly and with greater credibility towards the wider world.


Creating opportunities:
When we recruit new staff, we first and foremost think of the new, younger talent. We make sure that we employ our staff from a local recruitment agency that gives opportunities to newly graduated tourism students so that they can start gaining practical experience in the field, as soon as possible.

Charity work:
We work closely with two charities that work very hard to make the lives of vulnerable and sick people better. We support Caritas through fundraising activities and food donation initiatives, and we regularly raise funds for the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, which supports cancer patients and their families through tough times.

Social responsibility:
We work with a local NGO called Tanijova that works to support vulnerable people (ex-convicts, people with troubles backgrounds, etc.) to find meaningful jobs in the tourism industry.

Supporting local businesses:
As part of our ticket price, we provide our customers with a discount voucher booklet that provides incentives to visit restaurants, museums and shops that are along the main routes that we operate on.

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