Cape Town day walks, South Africa


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cape Town day walks, South Africa


We endorse “slow travel” and walking through a region or community offers the ideal eco friendly way to discover a destination as there is virtually no carbon footprint apart from the transport getting there and back. We therefore sponsor 1 tree per person for every 2 day walks booked to be planted in Platbos Forest, a unique ancient forest with trees over 1000 years old found in the southern Cape. Visitors can book our Ancient Forest Trails and Whales day tour to walk in this forest and learn more about the Trees for Tomorrow project.

On our flower walk, ancient forest trails and Cape of Good Hope walk we spend time in 3 of South Africa's national parks/ nature reserves dedicated to the conservation and protection of their local flora, fauna and ecosystems. Our guides encourage guests to be respectful of nature by staying on the designated paths when walking amongst the flowers and keeping a respectful distance when viewing wildlife. At the beginning of the walk each participant receives a refillable water bottle, which can be used daily to top up with local tap water (which is perfectly safe for drinking ) instead of purchasing numerous plastic bottles. Our list of do's and dont's of responsible travel is also given to travelers before departure and discussed by our guide.

We actively promote awareness of the dangers to wildlife in the tourism industry and support only ethical wildlife sanctuaries where a no breeding or interaction policy is followed. On our Supporting Wild Animals day tour we visit a raptor rescue and rehabilitation center ( only birds that cannot be released are kept in lifelong captivity ) and all proceeds from the tour are donated to the Drakenstein Lion Park, one of the few ethical lion sanctuaries in South Africa where no petting, walking or breeding with lions is permitted.


We encourage involvement with local projects and communities wherever possible:

On our flower walk we visit the Khwattu! San Cultural and Education Center on the West Coast for tea (prepared by San trainees in the hospitality industry) and a visit to the craft shop where local San handcrafted products can be purchased directly supporting the crafters.

We meet local community resident and small business entrepeneur Gamidah Jacobs on our Malay Cooking Class tour, who is supported 100% through tourism.

On our Walk the City tour we take time out to learn about Streetwires beading project and support the craft shop, where beautiful hand crafted items are produced for sale directly benefiting the crafters. Here beading and entrepeneurial skills are taught to street people in Cape Town.

On our Mandela and the Mother City walk we stop for lunch at Fairtrade accredited Motherland Coffee Company. All produce and crafts sold in the restaurant and shop are sourced sustainably from local communities who benefit from the relationship.
We also stop at local vendors ( for the best home made ice cream on our Family Fun tour ) and roadside crafters wherever possible.

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