Mumbai street food tour, India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mumbai street food tour, India


On the tour we move around primarily on foot and public transport. We take one taxi as there isn't a simple public transport route between these two locations.

As a company, we use 100% recycled paper for all our print products. This does not only include brochures, hand-outs and feedback forms, but also envelopes and carry bags. We have recently transitioned from using paper feedback forms after our tours to an online form. Guests fill it out using their own electronic devices.

Additionally, on our NGO's website, we offer merchandise products after the tour that represent an upcoming green and fair-trade movement in India. For example we sell shirts from 'No Nasties', a t-shirt label that provides 100% fair-trade and 100% organic cotton t-shirts.


One of the primary destinations on our Street Food Tour is the predominantly Muslim Mohammad Ali Road area. During this portion of the tour we introduce our guests not only to the locality but also the local Muslim culture. Our tours have caught the attention of locals and they are thrilled to see people coming to their community and taking an interest in their culture. The tour has been featured in several local Urdu language newspapers lauding our efforts in this area. The Street Food Tour also greatly supports local businesses in both the Mohommad Ali Road and Chowpatty Beach areas.

As with all of our tours, 80% of the profits support the work of our NGO, Reality Gives which works in Dharavi. Reality Gives provides high quality English, Computer and Life Skills classes/syllabus for vulnerable individuals, prominently young people. We also run a Teachers Training Course to ensure that not only we have high quality syllabus, but quality teachers (in India there is a shortfall of 600,000 teachers, and the present ones are not of good quality). In addition to this we provide Community Centres as hubs for young people to express their creativity through a wide range of inspiring activities that children from low-income communities too often do not have access to (drama classes, dance classes, sport, for example). Our syllabi as well as teachers training will be available to other NGOs to use.

While most of our projects are based in Dharavi, Mumbai, we are currently partnered with one local NGO in Sanjay Colony and we are assessing the best way for us the be more involved in the community. We want to ensure that the program(s) we start or support meet an important need and that the type of support we provide is sustainable.

Projects Reality Gives runs in Dharavi (participant numbers through 2013):

- Community Centre (space for community programs and a community library)
- Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) – Computer, English and soft skills classes for 16 to 30 year old students (400)
- English Language Support (ELS) Program at local schools (900)
- Evening computer classes for youth students (450)
- Girls Football Program (60)
- Project Front Foot Cricket Academy (60)
- Curriculum Development
- Mobile English Learning – Application Development

Projects run by other NGOs in Dharavi and Sanjay Colony and supported by Reality Gives:

- Bombay Underground Dharavi Art Room (300)
- Australian Football team (30)
- CORP (Community Outreach Program) Centre for Disabled Children (tourist donations have funded 40 hearing aids)
- CORP Vocational Training Centre (50)
- Masoom Night Schools (75)
- Barefoot Acupuncturists Dharavi clinic (750 patients)
- GD Foundation – Math, English, Science and Art – Sanjay Colony (65)
- I Was a Sari – Women’s empowerment program, turning saris into designer products (12)

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