Dalaman River rafting tours, Turkey


Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Dalaman River rafting tours, Turkey


We are a locally-based tour operator, fully committed to running our tours in a way that reduces the impact on our environment and contributes as much as possible to the local community.

On all of our rafting expeditions we camp, thus minimising use of water and energy. We make sure that we leave camp sites as clean as we found them, or cleaner. We do this by explaining our environmental approach to our guests, encouraging them to minimize use of plastic bottles, to separate recyclable waste and to leave no trace at each campsite we use. We minimize the amount of packaging used for our supplies as much as possible.

One way that we minimise the impact on the environment is by using vehicles as little as possible and by using group transport. Of course rafting itself is a very environmentally friendly, non-polluting way of exploring our wonderful Turkish rivers.

In addition to minimising any negative impact, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment by introducing visitors to the great variety of flora and fauna found here, much of it rare and endangered. To this end we provide participants on our expeditions with illustrated notes about the natural heritage of the area, including information about Turkish environmental organisations. If you would like to offer your support to any of these organisations, we provide contact details. Our aim is to raise the consciousness of both visitors and local people about local conservation issues.


We are a locally-based and locally-owned tour operator. We are fully committed to running our tours in a way that reduces the impact on our environment and contributes as much as possible to the local community.

All the services that we use, such as transport and restaurants, are locally owned and operated, and as much as possible we buy supplies for our trips from village markets and shops.

Our staff is made up mainly of Turkish people as we feel this benefits all involved, and is the best way for our guests to gain an insight into Turkish culture. We are committed to training our guides to a high standard, and to this end we arrange our own training activities for our staff - our director is an experienced and internationally qualified outdoor instructor.

We support the local community in their efforts to preserve their environment, for example the campaign of villagers in the Yuvarlak River area to protect their river against a proposed dam construction project.

We work to promote good relationships between tourists and the people who live in our area by promoting interaction with the local community, for example by facilitating conversations with villagers when we meet them during our tours and by buying their produce.

During our rafting expeditions we camp near small villages, where we stock up with supplies and sometimes eat a meal; this provides a direct source of income to local people, and provides you with a wonderful opportunity to experience the rural way of life at first hand.

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