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Responsible tourism: Alsace hiking vacation, France


Fancy a breath of fresh air, a return to the roots? Parks, gardens, nature reserves, the Ballon d’Alsace, the renowned Wine Route… Alsace can quench your thirst for greenery and fulfilment! Both its regional parks welcome walking enthusiasts in their verdant surroundings that are full of places where you can be pampered. A very rare place, the Park of the Northern Vosges is listed a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve!
The water region offers a generous and luxuriant environment. Indeed, the region benefits from the sources of the Vosges and sits on the Rhine Valley underground water table, the largest in Europe. In this sector, Alsace and Lorraine host over 2,500 public and private researchers and over 350 companies working on issues such as production, pollution control, protection, durability, …)
There are no less than 21 nature reserves in Alsace! If you want to be convinced, come to the Alsacian Petite Camargue, to the Delta de la Sauer or on the Rhinau Island where abundant creepers, a multitude of birds and root trees in the water will transport you far from the places you think you know. Our company wants a form of development, organization or tourist activity which respects and conserves the environment and the local population, in the long term, and makes a positive and equitable contribution to the economic development and also works with the local producers. Please note that, all out transfers from Strashbourg to Obernai, then from Kaysesberge to Colmar and from Colmar to Strasbourg are operated by public transport.
Also we choose to walk to the major cultural attractions like Koenigsbourg castle, avoiding the congestion of small moutaneous road and massive car park.

We avail of a Travelers Code of Conduct and all our documents are printed on recycled paper. Our staffs also follow an Environmental policy (e.g: only using hard copies when necessary or switching off the lights where the areas are not in used.)

Last but not least, as hikers by passion, we have a strong ethic about respecting the places we go to and their environment, either for business or personally (e.g: not leaving any rubbish behind us during a day walk or using reusable water containers), and we encourage our guests to act responsibly while traveling and to respect the green landscapes and the farming products.

Finally, gain height! Mountain enthusiasts will find happiness in Alsace by discovering the marked Alpine character of the Honeck Mountain or by admiring the magnificent Lac Blanc, overlooked by a rock in the shape of a fortress.


We are on a permanent quest, with the help of our capable ground staff, for the best itinerary, the most beautiful viewpoint and the richest experience of nature. Our itineraries are organised by professionals and experienced certified guides. With our walking vacations, the level of difficulty and approximate timings are assessed on a real time basis, based on an average walker. Whatever vacation you choose, your comfort is of the utmost importance to us; we carefully select the best accommodation, the most delicious meals and a plan to help you get the most from your vacation. We are committed to work with local hotels and restaurants only. Actually, we personally know each person we deal with as we go on ground to tailor make these vacations for you. As we work with local and family run hotels and guesthouses, you will also get a chance to interact with local people, most of them being from the region for generations and keen to share information about their land.

Alsace invites you to discover its rich culture and heritage. A clever mix of German and French cultures, the wealth of our sometimes troubled past is marked in the Alsacian countryside. Also, we can observe the vineyards, heart of the famous wine with the Riesling and a rich local gastronomy. Alsatian cuisine, somehow based on Germanic culinary traditions, is marked by the use of pork in various forms. Traditional dishes include flammekueche, choucroute and fleischnacka. Alsace is an important wine-producing region. Alsace wines are mostly white and display a strong Germanic influence. Alsace produces some of the world's most noted dry Rieslings and is the only region in France to produce mostly varietal wines identified by the names of the grapes used.

Moreover, fortified castles highlighting the foothills of the Vosges, bunkers of the Maginot Line, the fortifications of Vauban listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like Strasbourg and its Grande Ile. In Alsace, more than elsewhere, heritage rhymes with legacy.
Nevertheless, it is essential to sensibilize the tourists at the environment protection. So, some themes are developed for the ecotourism as the education and environmental awareness, accommodation, the protection of the exceptional sites, the mobility and accessiblity (electric cars), the green energy or the organic farming.

So, enthusiasts of stones loaded with history, travel through our towns and villages! And one cannot mention Alsacian heritage without mentioning the living heritage. You will be impressed by the know-how of craftsmen, in line with tradition with a touch of unsuspected modernity...

Every day, your luggage will be brought from hotel to hotel by our local transporter, who knows the area better than anybody else and will ensure your bags are transferred in a professional and timely manner. By dealing directly with local professionals, we also ensure them maximum benefits.

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