India biking vacation, Mysore to Goa

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: India biking vacation, Mysore to Goa


Understanding that a tour is not about just views and places but more importantly about people, interactions and experiences, every bit of this tour is about people, interactions and experiences to carry back. The guests also get to see the unorthodox richness of these very simple people and their way of life. Also efforts are being put in to generate awareness among the people to realize the potential of tourism as a sustainable source of income. As the traveling is on cycles most of the way, it enables you to take in the surroundings without damaging the environment.

We encourage our clients to follow environmental and friendly practices of water conservation, waste disposal and recycling. All our vacations have a maximum group size of 6 people minimizing both the social and environmental impact. Our strict policy of Leave No Trace helps protect the environment and is an example to the locals by removing all waste from place to place.


In this tour the guests are accommodated in locally owned and managed Guesthouses and hotels. Built in traditional methods using locally available materials and local expertise, These traditional home stays themselves are of very low impact to the environment. Unlike large resorts the staffs in these places are all local .The vegetables are brought from the local village markets, the same goes for the poultry and eggs.All the vehicles and the drivers for the road transfers are locals, as also the guides for the walks. These local guides are not professionals in the true sense, but they are all from the village itself an ideal way our guests get the genuine local feel and also it is an alternative source of income for the locals. We not only hope to bring in awareness about Responsible Tourism, but also of a responsible, low impact way of traveling and living with these truly genuine interactions!

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