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Responsible tourism: Easter Island vacation


From volcanoes to sand beaches and from caves to the Moai, there are various landscapes and mysteries to be discovered on Easter Island. We make every effort to preserve all the features of this unique setting. UNESCO recognized the value of Easter Island by naming it a World Heritage Site in 1995. Therefore, much of the island receives protection under the designation of Rapa Nui National Park.

We also do our part in protecting this amazing destination. All of our travelers are educated on the "Do's and Don'ts" of responsible travel and the best ways to actively participate in safeguarding local ecosystems and cultures. Our tour group size is always limited to a maximum of 12 travelers in order to minimize local impact on the environment. Our local guides and our travelers are all versed in the principles of “Leave No Trace”, as well.

We are also a proud member of TOPS, Tour Operators Promoting Sustainability, which is comprised of tour operators that share the common objectives of conserving threatened landscapes and providing livelihoods for the local people in their destinations. By joining TOPS, we have committed to improving the sustainability of our own practices as well as those of our local suppliers. The desired result is increased sustainability throughout every facet of the tour operation process. Hotels are motivated to operate conscientiously, guides adhere to sustainable tourism practices, and travelers are made aware that their vacation has an impact. Only a few North American tour operators belong to TOPS, so it is an honor to be recognized as an active participant.


With a population of only a few thousand people, the residents of Easter Island invite travelers to really get to know their home! From the family style hotels that we utilize to the insight of our local guides, travelers get to experience being a true citizen of the island for the week. It truly becomes the travelers’ “community” for the duration of their trip.

Our tours are exclusively guided and staffed by locals. The training and background of our guides does vary – we employ nature experts, birders, historians, and other experts in their field. However, some characteristics do remain consistent: a passion for their homeland, professionalism, sincere friendliness, and familiarity of the region. We believe that the most effective way to learn about a country is from direct interaction with people who call that place home. Our staff or one of our trusted affiliates carefully chooses each of our guides. Also, our guides are required to participate in specialized certification programs, and many act as apprentices before they are allowed to be the primary leader of tours. This ensures that only the best guides available are on the our team!

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