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Responsible tourism: Vacation to Cuba, Cubano Jazz


Cuba has a very unique environment. In the last few months, Cuba has seen an exceptional increase in the number of people looking to travel to the country. After decades of US sanctions, Cuba’s infrastructure is very limited and struggling under this demand. Despite this, Cuba is a wonderful country offering an enchanting mix of culture, colour, architecture and landscapes.

Its past challenges make it a place which is fast transforming and each day brings new changes. In order to make the most of Cuba, we provide an online guide which aims to manage expectations before customers book a tour.

We also use a mixture of private minibuses and public buses. Using local transport is another way in which we support local community and has the additional benefit of bringing down the environmental impact of travelers to this area by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road.


By staying mainly with local families, we ensure money goes back to local people and we avoid using government hotels wherever possible. This supports local communities, individual business owners and provides travelers with the unique opportunity to experience a Cuban home-stay and get a genuine up-close cultural experience.

The families at the home stay will often cook local cuisine for the passengers and will speak in Spanish so they can practice the language. Our tours promote understanding and provide a meeting of cultures between foreign travelers and local Cubans, which helps to break down barriers and stereotypes between nationalities.

Throughout the tour we embrace local cuisine and encourage travelers to eat in local eateries and try new locally sourced culinary delights. Visits to the countryside offer insight into how much of what is eaten is grown locally and provides income to farmers and rural communities.

In Baracoa we have the option of visiting a cocao farm where the process of making chocolate is explained. Here, passengers have the option to purchase some giving directly back to the local business.

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