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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Nigeria vacation, Nigeria Discovery


This tour travels through remote regions, far away from the well beaten tourist trail. Our guides will brief travelers on appropriate behaviour, both cultural and environmental, taking all rubbish with us rather than burying it. We work with our local suppliers to highlight best practice in terms of environmental issues, an important effort in a country where the environment is often taken for granted and green thinking is only just emerging. This also includes working with suppliers to reduce water usage. We ensure that we only draw water from wells where it will not have a negative impact upon local communities.

Clients traveling to Nigeria with us will be briefed by their guide on ensuring that they do not disturb the environment and leave it in a pristine condition. When wildlife is encountered we ensure that we remain at an appropriate distance, even if this can be disappointing for keen photographers.


We employ local guides and drivers providing employment and income. Our leaders and local guides will carefully explain the customs and cultures of the communities visited to ensure that our travelers are able to behave sensitively towards fragile communities, and help them gain from tourism while not being affected by some of its more negative aspects.

In our pre-departure information we include guidelines about photography – this is particularly relevant when among people who are incredibly photogenic although sometimes not keen on having their photo taken. Although many people are happy to be photographed, others are not, and we emphasise to our travelers the importance of respecting people’s wishes.

Our philosophy is to only use small and locally owned suppliers, meaning that the income remains within the country and creates a real economic contribution. We also feel that the passion inherent within such suppliers means that your experience will be enhanced. We also try to engage with our suppliers on an equal basis – getting the lowest possible price usually isn’t the best outcome for local communities and is ultimately unsustainable. We aim to always treat our suppliers fairly and with respect; they are after all part of the key to our success and to us working together is much more than just a business arrangement, but an ongoing relationship that we aim to ensure truly benefits everyone involved.

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