Motorbiking adventure tour in Vietnam

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Motorbiking adventure tour in Vietnam


ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA believes the privilege of living and operating within a marvelous natural and cultural heritage carries with it the responsibility of preserving it for generations to come and, ensuring our business is significantly beneficial for the destinations and their communities.The policy of our responsible travel is a part of our effort to make sure that our tours have minimal negative and maximum positive impact on the places we visit, local communities and environment.
- We travel in small groups to minimize the impact on our surroundings.
- On our motorcycling tours we keep water clean, avoiding using detergents in streams or springs.
- On our motorbikes tours, rubbish is packed up and carried out to designated waste disposal facilities.
- We leave camping sites cleaner than we found them.
- We use experienced local leaders/guides that are trained to safeguard the natural environment.
- We work alongside hotels to encourage environmental awareness training and wherever possible we select hotels that already have environmental policies in place.
- We work with our suppliers to promote more sustainable ways.
- Make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and culture heritage and to the maintenance of the world's diversity.


We are willing to instigate a system of travel that incorporates long-term strategies to maximize the benefits for local communities and improve the livelihoods of the poorest and disadvantaged populations. We can do this in different ways, the best being to choose sites, accommodations and other suppliers who are themselves committed to the sustainable development of the people and places they work with. Our tours are highly culturally orientated; promoting various aspects of a country’s culture and its tangible as well as intangible heritage; crafts, local gastronomy, festivals and arts performances.
- We use local services and involve local people
- We try to recruit local people to fulfill office and field positions wherever possible.
- We try to purchase supplies and equipment locally.
- We prefer to work directly with local tourist communities and individuals.
- Provides more enjoyable experiences for tourist through more meaningful connection with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environment issues.
- Provides access for physical-challenged people, and is culturally sensitive, engenders respect between tourists and hosts and builds local pride and confidence.

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