Scottish Hebridies photography vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Scottish Hebridies photography vacation


The group will be led with the aim of minimising disturbance to wildlife (for example, to seals at haul outs and geese at roost) uppermost in our minds. Similarly, routes will be chosen that avoid easily eroded ground and delicate vegetation. Participants will be required to return their rubbish to the tour leaders so that it can be sorted for recycling and returned to the facility at Bowmore. We will undertake to minimise our use of plastic packaging. Plastics are perhaps the most persistent and insidious type of pollution that never disappear altogether and once broken down to the molecular level, insinuates their way into the food chain.

Good driving practice – slow acceleration, minimal braking, maintaining steady speeds – will be observed to reduce wear on the vehicle and fuel consumption.

Although widely available on the island, the tour will not burn peat for heat in recognition of its vital role as a carbon trap – peatlands in the UK contain 40 times more carbon than all the other vegetation combined.


Islay’s economy is based largely on agriculture, with a significant contribution made by the island’s famous whisky distilleries. Tourism, while significant, has the potential to grow. We will contribute to that growth directly by taking groups there and indirectly by the sharing of photographs taken there by tour participants. The isle of Eigg to the north was largely overlooked by tour groups until well known photographers published work from there. This stimulated interest and encouraged others to visit. Islay, with its more diverse attractions and greater capacity could enjoy a similar growth with photography-related tourism. Our photgraphic tutor is happy to work with local community groups supporting their promotional work through the provision of high quality photographs.

The group will stay in local accommodation, and most of the food for the trip will be purchased on the island rather than brought from the mainland, menus will include local produce.

The mode of transport reccommended to arrive on Islay is local ferry rather than air transport.

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