Finland wildlife vacation in Wild Taiga

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finland wildlife vacation in Wild Taiga


On this tour participants have the possibility to join guided excursions to observe and photograph Finnish large carnivores – bears, wolves and wolverines – in their natural habitat. Participants will stay safely in purpose-built small log hides from where they can observe animals without disturbing them. All activities undertaken on this tour are environmentally sound and we assure the implementation in the way with the lowest impact on the environment. Our clients will be informed throughout the tour about the importance of the appropriate behaviour in the nature. The whole group arrives and leaves the hide together.

When the clients are participating in the wildlife watching excursions, they get to know the wildlife of the area. We believe this leads to a better understanding and therefore creates sufficient basis for protecting the environment, following the motto: “We protect only what we know".

Wilderness hides are simple constructions. There is no electricity and just an eco-friendly dry toilet. All the waste will be naturally brought back from the wilderness.
The meals served on this tour are prepared of local ingredients for as much as possible. Eg. mushrooms, berries and game are used a lot.


All subcontractors on this trip are small and local family businesses. The trip supports the local community in economical ways as the money goes straightly for them. The area is one of the most sparsely populated in Finland and the unemployment numbers are constantly among highest in the country. The income brought by travelers enables many families keep on their life in the region. In small family companies it is usual that two generations are involved in the same business, that’s also the case in the most companies visited on this tour. This tour also gives visitors a chance to interfere with the locals and get to know their way of life.

This tour requires a hire car because public transportation is not available. We recommend visitors to choose a low-emission car and as appropriate as possible of size, not too big one. We also encourage visitors to avoid idle and unnecessary driving.

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