Photography vacation in Tibet & Yunnan, China

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Photography vacation in Tibet & Yunnan, China


Leaving China with nothing but awesome photos and beautiful memories is what we call a goal of this photography tour. The two exotic regions, Yunnan and Tibet, used to be closed to the outsiders. However, now we offer a brand new angle for everybody to observe even to dive in. Nevertheless, keeping the places as innocent as they should be, our Guidebook to the clients highlights out our awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, including the heads-up for travelers to respect the environment, protect the local customs, culture and historic relics whilst exploring China. As our clients take boat trip in Erhai Lake, the small boat of max capacity of 10 people will help keep the lake water clean. We always keep small groups tours, as small group tour can reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.


Yunnan and Tibet are still considered as the laidback parts of China, and we are proud to say that yearly we make great contribution to the local community by stimulating the economics, optimizing and leading the tourism, offering the local people numerous job opportunities. .Interaction with local people is much encouraged because we think that is the best way for outsiders to understand the life, faith and values of common Chinese people. We employ local guides to make you get the most out of your traveling, and pay a better salaries (including to tour guides and supplier agencies in other cities) than other Chinese operators. As in this tour, all of our tour guides and drivers are locally born and raised; they would share something more than just the introduction of the sites. During our visit at the local Tibetan family in Lhasa, our clients will get a real insight of today’s Tibet.

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