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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Silk Road tailor made vacation


Keeping the places as innocent as they should be, our Guidebook to the clients highlights out our awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, including the heads-up for travelers to respect the environment, protect the local customs, culture and historic relics whilst exploring China. The environment is important to us, and we believe we can influence others as long as we insist our value .We only choose the suppliers who meet our environmental values . After we have chosen the restaurants, attractions, hotels etc, we put them to the test by carefully monitoring our customerís evaluations. This continual review process ensures that we act quickly if our high standards are not maintained by our suppliers. As this tour stretches out to Turpan and Kashgar, our clients will see wind generating station, an evidence of China keeping up in the clear energy. While visiting Mingsha Mountain and Yadan Landform Park, we will change to electric golf cars, in order to reduce air pollution. Basically, we always keep small groups tours, as small group tour can reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.


The ancient Silk Road symbolizes the golden days of the western parts of China, and nowadays tourism has become the supportive economic. We are proud to say that yearly we make great contribution to the local community by stimulating the economics, optimizing and leading the tourism, offering the local people numerous job opportunities. Interaction with local people is much encouraged because we think that is the best way for outsiders to understand the life, faith and values of common Chinese people. We will also take part in protecting the historic relics and special customs as we tour the region. For example, at Mogao Grottoes, clients are required not to take photos, in order to protect the frescos that is readily oxidized in camera flashlights. In Turpan, working principle of the ancient irrigation system Karez Wells will be explained. Hand in hand, we strongly believe tourism can bring on a better future for the locals.

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