Cuba music & dance vacation


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26 Dec 2016
US $ 1905
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cuba music & dance vacation

The very ethos of our style of travel is responsible; small groups on fully escorted tours, experiencing the very best of a region, a culture and a landscape, with a friendly local hand guiding the way. Our itineraries are designed to give our travelers real life experiences without compromising the part of the world we are exploring; to travel responsibly is at the heart of our commitment as a global tour operator.

Many who go to Cuba come back with its Latin rhythms still pulsing through their souls, and this 9 day vacation will ensure that the Cuban vibe lives in you long after you return. Travel with us and discover country rich in culture and history, with breath taking landscapes, welcoming locals and great dance teachers! Our aim is to send you on a vacation to Cuba that will enliven your senses while at the same time minimising our own cultural and environmental impact on the country and maximise the economic benefits of our visit.

We support small, local business by using family run restaurants offering fantastic regional specialities, staying in local hotels and guesthouses, and of course, engaging the services of local musicians, regional dance schools and teachers. To truly experience day to day life, the group will spend a majority of nights in Cuba in homestay accommodation, giving you the opportunity to enjoy genuine real life experiences with regular families. It also helps provide a good, regular income for the home owners.

Operated in close collaboration with our Cuban partners, your support team on the ground will all be locals, recruited in country and trained to our own high standards; this includes your English speaking guide and your driver. Working in this way not only provides stable long term employment opportunities within Central America, but we believe gives our travelers the best vacation experience possible. The saying goes ‘a little local knowledge goes a long way’ and we believe when traveling this is invaluable.

Throughout your trip you will be encouraged to join us in ensuring your vacation is as environmentally responsible as possible. Your group leader will be on hand to assist with the appropriate disposal of rubbish en route, recycling wherever possible and we encourage all our travelers to use refillable water bottles with water purification tablets rather than purchasing regular small supplies of bottled water.

The sale of bottled water contributes to an enormous environmental problem around the world. In addition to the water in the bottles, the production of a 1 litre plastic bottle takes 2 litres of water and 200ml of oil. A large proportion of the bottles then end up in limited landfill or discarded in waterways and natural environments.

We also ask that you follow any guidelines given while taking part in optional activities outside of the regular itinerary. Should you opt to take a snorkelling trip in Trinidad for example you will be briefed by the party leader before entering the water on snorkelling dos and don’ts. Likewise should you opt to go on the waterfall trek you’ll be encouraged to stick to marked trails and pathways, treating all destinations with respect in order to best protect these fragile environments

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