Northern Lights and whale watching vacation in Iceland

“Every year, herring swarm into this long fjord - and the hungry orca follow. This vacation combines this magnificent spectacle with sightings of the Northern Lights for a magical Arctic adventure.”


Seeing orca in the fjord chasing the herring (five trips) | Witnessing the orca passing under the bridge at the entrance to the fjord | Sightings of dolphins, while tailed eagles and diving gannets | Northern Lights | Optional: walking tours around volcanic landscapes and waterfalls, glacier tour by Snow Cat, bird watching, hot springs, Blue Lagoon, extra nights in Reykjavik

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Lights and whale watching vacation in Iceland


As a World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) Partner, we are proud to announce that a donation of £75 per person for each person booked on our Iceland “Orca & Aurora” Tour will be made to help fund the WCAs critical work.

Our certified whale watching boat operators in Iceland belong to the WCA and promote responsible whale watching, supporting research on whales around Iceland and creating sanctuaries for whales around whale watching areas as a safe haven from whaling. Their aim is to bring customers as close to the whales as possible, without impacting negatively on their natural environment.

Our boat operators promote and are actively involved in the "Meet us don't eat us" campaign against commercial whaling in Iceland backed by The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Association of Icelandic Whale Watchers. Surveys show whale meat consumption by tourists has halved since the start of this project in 2010 which they aim to reduce even further. IFAW point out that the biggest proof that whale watching and whaling cannot successfully co-exist is the fact that the whale watching operators (including our boat company) say so and work closely with IFAW to help end whaling.


As mentioned above, we partner an organisation in Iceland who supports “Meet Us Don´t Eat Us,” a joint project between IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and IceWhale (the Association of Icelandic Whale Watchers). We inform and educate our guests about whale meat consumption in Iceland, provide information about whale friendly restaurants and aim to get the support of our guests to help protect whales by ending commercial whaling

Twenty five percent of all tourists who visit Iceland go there to whale watch. Our operators belong to a nationwide conservation organization that assess the most effective methods of helping the industry continue to grow to expand domestic employment opportunities while simultaneously contribute to the conservation of whales. We also provide geological and wildlife tours run by locally employed professional guides who have an in-depth knowledge of the area and work to raise the profile of local conservation issues.

In 2008, the collapse of the banking sector, which was very large relative to Iceland’s economy, together with rapid depreciation of the Icelandic krona, brought about an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. Since then, the economy has steadily been recovering and income from tourism is identified as an important growth sector of the current Icelandic economy, therefore our trip there helps to support many local businesses and communities. The country has abundant natural resources, extraordinary nature, unique culture and authentically warm-hearted people who will benefit significantly from the gradual, controlled and environmentally respectful expansion of tourism to the region.

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