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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Iceland vacation, Fall Trail adventure


On trail, we aim to give you experiences in nature that inspire a care and respect for our shared ecology. We run creative and holistic activities that connect you to nature's rhythms and patterns. These include foraging, fishing, storytelling, wilderness walking and camping and sensory based activities.

Alongside our trail activities, we are developing an ecological restoration project to re-plant native birch trees, restore cairns to help minimise visitor impact on fragile flora, and restore wetlands to help protect Iceland's important population of nesting waders and seabirds.

Our logistics are planned with a no-trace commitment: we take all rubbish and toilet paper away with us, and recycle all plastics, metals and glass. We are careful to instruct people not to foul water courses with soaps and solids and use biodegradable soap at all times. Our walking routes are carefully selected to minimise impact on often fragile flora and we only make fires where it is permitted. All food is locally sourced where possible, and reflects Icelandís rich maritime and farming heritage.


The trail is located in a region of Iceland that has been in slow but steady economic decline for the past 30 years. Many farmers and fisherman have abandoned their farms and centralized their boats. This has left a few isolated individuals and communities and a lot of wild space! This adventure has been designed in close collaboration with these locals, allowing us to offer a unique and authentic Icelandic experience, and one in which we actively seek opportunities for cross cultural exchange.

We have worked hard with landowners to gain permission to walk and camp on their land and where possible we make use of their services, employing them to provide camp sites, food, services and local products. In 2014, we made use of 25 different local service providers to complete our trails. A longer term dream is the development of a stand-alone public access trail that brings benefit to rural people and ecology. For this reason, our project is financially backed by the regionís development agency and a national innovation centre of excellence.

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