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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Hanoi to Bangkok biking tour


There is no more and low-carbon sustainable form of transport than cycling. In the promotion of our cycling challenges, we hope that we will not only travel in a manner that does not pollute the environment in which we travel (both in terms of carbon but also in terms of noise pollution) but we also aim to raise awareness of cycling in general - that it is not simply a hobby, sport or past time, but in fact a very useful and green form of transport. It is a lesson which we hope the developed world will continue to embrace and we are proud to be part of the cycling movement!

We use local suppliers who have a respect and understanding for their own country's natural heritage. Large operators may not have the direct awareness and desire to exercise care to ensure preservation. By using small local suppliers, we have a greater control over their activities, and can have a real impact should we wish them to change their ways for the better.


Friends and neighbours:
In terms of drivers, bicycle mechanics and English speaking guides, as far as possible we always use locals, either directly or through smaller local organisations which ensures that they are most fairly treated. We purchase our supplies locally where possible, and we always encourage challenge participants to visit local restaurants at least once a day.

Fair deal:
In general, we will have 3-5 locally sourced staff per trip, and we treat them with dignity and respect. These are usually bike mechanics, drivers, and English speaking guides. All receive a fair wage and they are encouraged to interact as much as possible with the participants, who are encouraged to show their appreciation in the form of a gratuity if they feel it is deserved.

Traveling with respect:
Traveling by bicycle is necessarily a method of transport which requires the traveler to immerse in a country, and interact with the local community. We ensure that the travelers are aware of any cultural matters to ensure they behave with respect and in a fully-informed manner. Our local staff are instrumental in ensuring this.

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