Norway wildlife vacation, walking safari

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This trip departs every Monday throughout May to September

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Norway wildlife vacation, walking safari


Fulufjellet National park which is connected to an adjacent National park in Sweden. The park is found in the county of Hedmark which has the largest moose/elk population in Norway and the second largest bear population in Norway. The National Park also contains wolves, lynx and wolverines. As for bird life you can find golden eagles, capercaillie, other grouse species such as black and willow and varies passerine species such as pipits and bramblings. Wood ants are very noticeable as they form mounds out of wood and other material they are also one of the largest species of ants in Europe.

All rubbish from the vacation will be taken to a local recycling centre after clients have been dropped of at the airport. The Norwegians recycle most of their rubbish by reusing it or turning it into energy such as to create warm water they also export their rubbish to Sweden to be recycled in a similar way. Scandinavian countries have a much healthier approach to dealing with their rubbish compared to Great Britain


Some of your money will be going to a local horse riding company so your money will be directly helping tourism in the local area.
10% of my annual net profit goes to NOAH an animal right charity which helps change people's view of animal rights in Norway. They have a large voice in Norway they do rallies for changes in the laws such as for banning fur and using animals in circuses they also work with restaurants to do a vegetable day which has become popular in some Norwegian towns. NOAH does play a role in the way peoples view Norway as they help change the laws on animal rights, People will have a greater appreciation for Norway and this will bring more tourists to this amazing country . ''The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated''-Ghandi

As the National Park is also used by local people we will be quiet so not to disturb the wildlife or to ruin local peoples experience of enjoying Fulufjellet National Park. We will also move locations several times on the vacation so not to cause damage to the land we will be camping on. We will follow the right to roam laws to have good relationship with the local community

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