Volunteer in Ethiopia with traditional tribe

“This company understands that everyone is unique. Your role will be designed around your skills and interests, to ensure you get the most out of it - and so do the Hamar tribe.”


Authentic Immersion into Ethiopia's Omo Valley | Working & living alongside the Hamar tribe | Volunteer role tailor made for you | Diverse and sustainable project opportunities | Chance to visit other tribes during weekends | Orientation programme with language lessons and cultural training |

Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
Our top tip:
This is a unique opportunity to experience the Omo Valley authentically and responsibly Ė go with an open-mind and donít hide behind your camera lens
Trip type:
Tailor made volunteer trip. Min. age 18, no maximum.
Traditional-style thatched house in the Hamar village. Twin or double rooms.
Solo travelers welcome, rooms may be shared with one other.
Transfers from/to Arba Minch airport, accomm, food, water, project transport, daily management, SIM card, laundry, orientation.
All meals plus tea/coffee and water provided. Ethiopian and international dishes served.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Volunteer in Ethiopia with traditional tribe



All our volunteers, whether they're involved in projects directly with conservation, or more indirectly with the communities, will support conservation efforts - our Bigger Picture goal is to integrate sustainable development, conservation and tourism. It's the core of what we do. We are focused on understanding the close relationship between people and nature and figuring out how to reduce human threat to the planets last remaining wildernesses.

In the case of this location, we are working to conserve Mago National Park and support the pastoralist Hamar Tribe. Each of our volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about the wildlife of the local area, play a genuine part in conserving it and we hope will come away with an even greater passion for, and understanding about, wildlife in other parts of the world.


We are developing water harvesting systems for our new camp and in the meantime have strict measures in place for the teams water use in such a dry area. Volunteers will learn how to adapt and have the opportunity to understand why many people in the world value every drop of water for their crops, washing, eating and drinking needs. Some of our volunteers are even involved in designing and creating more innovative water harvesting systems for the local community. It is a place where education around the potential implications of climate change must be a key focus.


Volunteering & Charity:

All of the volunteers that come to Ethiopia are working to support the communities and push for a brighter future, whilst respecting cultural differences. We embed ourselves in the communities we work in, so we are able to constantly listen and ensure we're working in line with genuine local needs and ambitions in a dynamic fashion. We support grassroots initiatives across health, education, conservation, tourism and enterprise.

It is our policy to recruit a local team which creates invaluable employment for the local area and adds to our deep understanding within the projects. We source all our supplies that we can in the local area and we work with local farmers to start growing for us!

We are campaigning to integrate tourism, conservation and development in each of the destinations where our volunteers will be staying. The communities are at the heart of everything we do.

Traveling with respect:

Our volunteers benefit from a well designed, essential and productive orientation programme when they arrive in Ethiopia - this ensures everyone is clear on how to live and work respectively in the local community and maximise their productivity in their volunteer work. This includes basic local language tuition to enable our guests to share a few words with their community.

All our volunteers are encouraged to immerse into the communities were based. The relationships we've built with the local communities means they're extremely excited to welcome our volunteers to live on their land, share time with them and work together towards a brighter future. We are a platform for true immersion, which the locals value greatly.

We create opportunities for genuine friendships to be forged where respect is mutual. As an organisation we are also working toward improving the relationship between the host and guest for tourism in general; not just with our volunteers. This is tackled through tourism related education, training and the growth of opportunities through allied enterprises. We aim to enable all visitors to our destinations to have the warmest welcome possible, and for the communities to benefit from the visitors they receive.

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