Italy walking vacation, Piedmont region

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Italy walking vacation, Piedmont region


There's truly nothing as impactful (or as sustainable!) than discovering nature's most beautiful places on foot. Being in the open where you can smell the mountain air, stop to take in the view and feel the fresh breeze is simply the best way to immerse oneself in a natural environment. By sticking to the trails on your trek to Conca Cialancia Natural Park and Lake Envie you will help preserve the unique geological character and native plants of this area, and avoid harming the natural habitat of its wildlife such as mountain goats, deer, groundhogs, foxes, ermine and wild hares. The owners of your lodging in the quaint mountain village of Salza di Pinerolo also make a significant effort to lower the agriturismo's carbon footprint, growing and harvesting their own produce, as well as making their own homemade cheeses, salami and pasta, which are then served in the hotel restaurant for you to enjoy.


In a community of fewer than 80 inhabitants, you can rest assured that your visit to Salza di Pinerolo truly makes a difference to its local people. Living in this remote and sometimes inaccessible location means that tourism is vital to the villagers' livelihoods. Staying at family-owned La Miando makes it possible for the owners to run a viable business and supports their efforts to live in harmony with their environment, growing and raising food for their table as well as their clientele. On this trip, you will also be introduced to Val Germanasca's traditional industry, talc mining, an important part of the region’s heritage and economic viability. Guided by a real miner from the valley, you will learn about the day-to-day life of mine workers and explore the tunnels where they toil on foot and by mine car. This one-of-a-kind experience in the Valli Valdesi will certainly leave you with lasting memories, and the knowledge that you’ve contributed to its local peoples’ way of life.

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