Orangutan conservation & community vounteering on Java

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Orangutan conservation & community vounteering on Java


We're committed to sustainability, in the communities in which we operate and in the ecosystems we encounter. We seek to minimize the impact of our trips by minimizing and properly disposing of waste created, by conserving energy and water, and by ensuring that endangered wildlife and environmentally compromised areas are treated with respect.

We always strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Where possible we encourage our travelers to use public transportation, which also adds to the cultural experience. When we do need to use private transport we use modern fleets, which are more energy efficient and emit less CO2.

Cultural engagement and exchange is central to our company ethos, as each trip is a unique mixture of adventure, culture, and philanthropy. We maintain that one only gets to truly know a place by getting to know its people. Volunteer days of the trip are guided by our voluntourism policies developed by ABTA voluntourism guidelines.

We support local efforts of sustainability by staying at eco-lodges and homestays during the trip.


This project is essentially about saving as many animals as we can from the illegal pet trade in Indonesia. We care for animals like orangutans and sun bears that are unable for be released back into the wilds of Borneo or Sumatra.The center began operation in 2003, one of 7 wildlife rescue centers built by The Gibbon Foundation to encourage law enforcement against the illegal trade of protected wildlife. The central mission is to rescue wildlife from illegal trade and rehabilitate through our wildlife release program.

As well as orangutans, the center cares for their one and only sun bear cub, named Bedhu. Sun bears are in high demand in the pet trade as people believe their gall bladders have some kind of medicinal value. Although this myth has been unproven, itís been the cause of countless and endless suffering for many sun bears. It is our goal to educate others, leading them into compassion through an understanding of the importance of their species and their habitat, rather than owning them for social status or using them as a means of financial gain. As over 80% of staff are employed from the local village, this is a good start in raising awareness whilst also having a positive economic impact within the community.

Overseas volunteers are crucial to the center as it depends entirely on income received from donations, meeting room rentals, conservation education packages and the volunteer programme. Volunteers care for the animals by preparing food, cleaning cages, and teaching the staff and local community English. The volunteers participate in running a weekly kidís environmental club in the community. The locals interact and improve their English, learn about conservation and it cements links between the villagers and the center. There have been on average 25 children this year attending each week. Join us and volunteer from 1 to 4 weeks at our center. Itís a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the worldís most lovable wildlife and more importantly, to give something of yourself. A lot of us think we have no talent or special ability. But we all have something to teach, just as we all have something to learn.

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