Montenegro activity vacation, mountains & rivers

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This trip can be tailor made through May and October

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Montenegro activity vacation, mountains & rivers


Environmental Sustainability is about more than just looking after our natural environment. It is also about considering the social and economic impact of what we do. We believe that ecotourism, if conducted correctly, can encourage greater environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and respect (for both resident and guest).

We believe in managing the volume of tourism to provide individually unique nature experiences that allow interaction while safeguarding the environmental and cultural heritage of the region for the benefit of future generations.

A key focus of our service provision is to understand the environmental impact of our activities and the steps we can take to minimise it. We favour accommodation that has a small ecological footprint, utilise local “green” transport where possible and encourage the reduction &/or recycling of waste.

Together with selected NGO’s, we will be involved in developing awareness of environmentally friendly and sustainable land management practices. Through direct interaction with local communities, we will demonstrate and promote the value of sustainable resource use (fishing, timber etc), encourage participation in local activities and promote programs set up to encourage people to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Public awareness and Education:
• Increasing awareness towards conservation of natural and cultural assets
• Education of local people and stakeholders on the importance of conservation
Social responsibility – e.g. details of: preserving local culture, visits to local projects, etc


We are committed to promoting the interior of the country and offering an alternative source of income for those who are most susceptible to economic hardship and in so doing preserve a unique way of life.

Our offerings, created by locals (with input from community groups), aim to rotate small groups through different regions thus maximising the experience of the client while sharing benefits between these communities.

Ecotourism stakeholders are dependent on Government to develop policies that will protect and manage natural areas. We have established a working relationship with the Government of Montenegro to provide advice and input into programs and policies that support sustainable tourism development.

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