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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Borneo, Java & Bali tailor made vacations


WILDLIFE: We are committed to responsible eco-tourism and ensuring that the local environment is protected from the negative effects of visitors.

In this particular itinerary, Camp Leakey in the Tanjung Putting Reserve is primarily a place of scientific research. Therefore the wild behaviour of the animals under study and the surrounding environment is the top most priority for the centre. Visitors cannot stay overnight and animals can only be observed from a safe distance. Patrols are regularly carried out by rangers and members of local communities. These patrols are part of an effort to keep illegal mining and logging out of the park and to preserve the ecosystems. The scientific research on the animals at Camp Leakey has far reaching benefits: the more we understand their behaviours within the context of their environment, the more we are empowered to protect species.

The Pasalat Forest Rehabilitation Camp enlightens visitors on the effects of rainforest destruction. Whilst the secondary forest grows, travelers can learn of the effect of deforestation on the local Dayak People and their way of life.

ENERGY WASTE & WATER: We promote small boutique hotels, built with local materials wherever possible with a style that reflects local resources and the cultural history of the region. The lodge forming the base from which to explore Camp Leakey is particularly special in terms of its commitment to responsible travel. It sources all of its electricity needs from solar energy. Rain water is stored and recycled through biological systems, for example it is used to water organic food on the hotel grounds. Rubbish is recycled and chemical cleaning methods are kept to an absolute minimum.


LOCAL CRAFTS & CULTURE, CAMPAIGNING FOR CHANGE: We promote interactions with peoples living off the beaten track. Our visit to the Dayak people, indigenous to Borneo, can enlighten vacationmakers about Borneo’s history; the Dayak stories of the past date back hundreds of years. Indonesia is industrialising rapidly and it is important that tourists appreciate the Dayak way of life within the modern context. To this extent we hope to inspire reflection on minority rights amongst visitors.

TRAVELLING WITH RESPECT: We provide our guests with thorough pre-departure information. This includes a country guide with information on local customs, cultural norms, tipping, begging, photography etiquette and much more. Our in-country supplier has been trained at our Experience Travel Group conference and knows our company manifest, to promote local activities and restaurants wherever possible and design new authentic experiences for visitors. Guides in-country are also encouraged to get involved with clients and help them with any cultural questions. For example, they will remind guests to take their shoes off before entering temples.

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