Cambodia family vacations, tailor made


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cambodia family vacations, tailor made


ENERGY AND BUILDINGS: We promote smaller, independently run hotels with efficient waste disposal and energy management systems. Your hotel in Kampot in particular is well known for its commitment to traditional design reflecting the local resources and culture. It is made from three traditional Khmer wooden houses and they have been built authentically with local labour and traditional knowledge. They are open air pavilions that allow a breeze to pass through, removing the need for any air conditioning, and nearly all the activities available to resident guests involve zero-carbon emissions such as bike riding, swimming, kayaking and walking.

WILDLIFE: Kep National Park, over the past few decades, has been under threat from illegal logging. In recent years, rangers have been installed to patrol the border around to protect the area. Tourism supports local communities and creates a vested interest in preserving the natural beauty rather than harvesting its natural wealth. This in turns maintains the habitat for various species.


CHARITY, FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS: We promote getting off the beaten track and away from the tourist trails to visit villages that would not otherwise reap the benefits of tourism.

This itinerary encourages shopping in local markets and trying local food – including the deep fried spiders! By doing this we hope to promote authentic cultural encounters and exchanges. For example, visitors to the Cambodian countryside can ask their guide to stop en route to purchase fruit from local sellers like a local would.

Another way in which we hope to support communities in Cambodia is by promoting NGO cafés such as Friends in Phnom Penh. This establishment trains up local disadvantaged youths, be they homeless, vulnerable and abandoned. Skills such as waitressing, cooking, accounts and handicraft are developed, providing a stable income for these young people and helping them find future career opportunities they might not otherwise have had.

TRAVELLING WITH RESPECT: Guests are provided with plenty of relevant information prior to their departure. This includes guides on begging, bartering, tipping, clothing, customs, photography, religion and we advertise opportunities to support our chosen charities. We encourage travelers to donate by matching a contribution of our own for any amount they can give.

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