Wellness, bootcamp and detox retreats in Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Wellness, bootcamp and detox retreats in Spain


1. Waste - We clean up the land, sea and waterways from rubbish and pollution while we are exercising and enjoying nature during our hikes. We use biodegradable bidons instead of plastic water bottles. To reduce the waste of paper & plastic, we never use paper/plastic plates, cups or even cutlery during our diner & lunch settings. We use biodegradable washing tablets for our diswasher and biodegradable washing machine liquid. Instead of buying bottled water at the supermarkets (which many people still do here in Spain) we use filtered water from the tap. Where ever possible we look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint as well.

2. Transport - We recommend and provide low carbon transport. We use low emission vehicles and try to use our vans as little as possible. We prefer to walk.

3. Suppliers - We choose suppliers that match our environmental values and we use local produce where ever we can. All our food is freshly made from scratch with Organic food. We support one of the few 100% Organic produce delivery services here on the coast. We use Organic Cotton where ever possible for our branded merchandise.


We focus on good relationships between tourists and the local communities by explaining why Marbella is such a melting pot of different cultures and by exploring those different cultures through our food and the, locally owned, restaurants we use.

Most of the people in our team, we have known for over 10 years. We have created a professional, respectable "like-minded" team with people who live here in Marbella with their families. We offer local people good working conditions with a more than fair wage.

Some examples: All our trainers are locally based and live here with their families. We never fly our trainers in. We work with local hosts, computer experts, interior caretakers, bus drivers and food suppliers.

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