Kilimanjaro trekking vacation, Machame route

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25 Dec 2016
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kilimanjaro trekking vacation, Machame route


All our staff brief guests on our environmental policies on the mountain. We minimise all waste materials during the climb and ensure any rubbish is taken back down to base. We do not bring multiple plastic water bottles but take water purification tablets and use natural water sources from the mountain. We use small kerosene cooking stoves to avoid any camp fires and pollution or damage that can arise from fire use.

Trekking through many different landscapes, we brief our guests on keeping to the footpaths and trails, to minimise erosion and damage to any plant life around the camps. On the lower levels of the climb, there is extensive wildlife, including monkeys and buffalo. Our guides are trained to keep safe distances from the animals and brief guest about appropriate wildlife interactions. For human and animal safety, we do not feed animals, approach animals, and stay on the tail to avoid disrupting their habitats.


Our Machame Kilimanjaro climb uses all local guides and porters, and implements fair wages for all our staff. They are employed full time with the company, ensuring they receive vacation and sick benefits, and have a year round reliable income. Many of our local staff have been employed with us for over a decade; a priority of ours is to invest in the training and development of our staff.

We actively campaigned for porters rights to ensure maximum loads and fair wages, something that our company have been implementing all our climbs from the start. All our staff have the appropriate equipment for climbs including proper footwear, backpacks and warm clothing.

With our sister charity, we support local education projects in Marangu village on the lower slopes Kilimanjaro. It is possible to fundraise and volunteer with this project in addition to your Kilimanjaro climb. Previous student groups have begun building a second school to ease over crowding and under staffing in the current school.

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