Best of Africa vacation, Nairobi to Cape Town


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27 May 2017
US $ 5295
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Best of Africa vacation, Nairobi to Cape Town


Overland Trucks -An extensive tour of east and southern Africa visiting nine countries, this tour is enjoyed on one of our privately owned expedition vehicles purpose built for overland driving. The trucks all comply with strict Euro IV emissions control regulations set by the EU and the vehicles are all checked and maintained by our drivers, employed from within east or southern Africa. Our trucks are all equipped with long range fuel tanks, spare parts, tools and maintenance equipment leaving them self-sufficient for long periods of time.

Our trucks all have ample room for all camping equipment necessary in Africa including a fridge and freezer. Food is purchased from local markets and supermarkets taking in to account the food in season. Any waste, food or otherwise is destroyed in an environmentally friendly way and recycling is implemented where there are facilities available. The trucks are equipped with a 500 litre water tank for times when the tap water is not of a high enough quality to drink. Passengers are encouraged to fill up their water bottles from the tap or water tank rather than replace them with more plastic bottles.

Activities - All wildlife excursions are led by experienced and highly trained local guides with an excellent knowledge of the wildlife and conservation efforts within the area. We strongly recommend maintaining a safe distance from all wild animals and try to impact the local environment as little as possible. The cost of these wildlife excursions goes to the local guides and to conservation programs in the local area. We visit Addo Elephant Park in South Africa which works towards conserving the African Elephant. The most significant cost on this tour however is the Gorilla Permit in Uganda where the money goes towards preventing poaching of the endangered species and educating the surrounding communities on the benefits of tourism, in this instance, to the surrounding region.


Accommodation -The campsites we use all employ workers from within the local community providing important means of employment in the region. The campsites often contribute towards projects and healthcare programs in the area, building new classrooms, running free medical clinics and running adult education centres. The most notable of these campsites is Snake Park in Arusha which runs an anti-venom clinic, the only one in the region, treating local people suffering from venomous bites and We also stay in locally run hotels or traditional rondavels, making sure to leave nothing but footprints behind, examples of which are in Maun or Swaziland. Community -It is important to preserve the tribal culture of east and south African communities and we work with community projects towards this. In Lake Bunyonyi, the Masai Mara, Chitimba, Kamanjab and Lesotho we visit local communities in their villages. In most cases, we are invited in to their homes and taught about their lives, challenges, traditions and their way of life. Not only is this a very humbling excursion, but there are opportunities to support these communities in some way. Tour Leaders encourage travelers to donate school materials or clothing and money and food is never given directly to the community to prevent a begging mentality.

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