Fjord sailing & hiking vacation, Greenland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Fjord sailing & hiking vacation, Greenland


The Scoresby Sound is known for unique wildlife such as narwhals, polar bears and muskoxen. The wildlife is always viewed from a safe distance and from the ship to guarantee minimal disturbance. Due to ice bergs and the nature of the expedition, the ships have engines. However sails are up whenever possible to guarantee minimal impact on nature. As there are no roads around the area, the only way to travel is by water or air.

The crew on the ship will leave nothing behind and each expedition is carefully planned in terms of food supply. Although showers are available, guests are encouraged to be aware of the limited water sources. Nothing that has been brought to the ship will stay behind.

Climate change is most apparent in the Arctic and can influence the local life enormously. The expedition companies we use for our trips have won Responsible Tourism Awards and are committed to minimize the impact the trips have on the Arctic Nature. The crew is dedicated to spread awareness of the climate change and its impacts on local community and wildlife.

The company aims to be the first emissions free whale watching company in the world and has created a unique Regenerative Plugin Hybrid Propulsion system (RPHP) for this purpose. All on board a traditional Iceland oak schooner too. Running on renewable energy, it is not only clean but it is quiet, leading to a better experience for the visitors exploring these wild habitats as well as the whales. The aim is to convert their whole fleet of seven sailing vessels by 2020, a fleet that is already impressive given that they are the only active vessels of their kind along Icelandic shores. And soon to become the world's first whale watching company to offer zero carbon emission ocean sails too.


The expedition crew works together with the local Inuit population to bring visitors closer to life in Arctic Greenland. The itinerary days in Ittoqqortoormiit offer a fantastic way to learn about authentic life in the Arctic in both past and present times. It is likely that guests may meet local fishermen, hunters as well as scientists whilst sailing in the fjord and through the national park.

The population of Eastern Greenland is mainly hunters and fishermen with their families who carry out the traditional livelihood in harmony with the Arctic nature. The expedition crew trades with local hunters and fishermen to support the traditional livelihood in the Inuit community, so meat and fish can be sourced from locals. Ittoqqormiit only has a couple of shops and a museum which are locally owned and sell local handicrafts. The trip supports them and offers a fair price for goods. Each trip builds an ever stronger relationship with the communities we encounter and helps to support their livelihoods.

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