Peru family vacation, Lima to Lake Titicaca

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Responsible tourism: Peru family vacation, Lima to Lake Titicaca


Each of the Incan sites featured on this vacation – from glorious Ollantaytambo Fortress to the awe-inspiring ground formations at Moray – distinguish themselves as valuable locations that must be preserved for future generations. Every effort is made to make sure that this happens, all while allowing clients to enjoy themselves.

Whether at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu or the Salt Mines of Maras, vacationmakers are taken on specially-created trails and pathways with knowledgeable guides who are fully familiar with sites and surroundings. Similarly, when kayaking over Lake Titicaca or rafting down Chuquicahuana River, families are given full training and briefings, resulting in responsible and safe entertainment which does not cause damage to the pristine aquatic environments.

Perhaps the most remarkable environment of all on this vacation is that of the Uros Islands, which combine natural substances with human ingenuity. Visitors come away with a new understanding of how alternative construction materials derived from the outdoors can be used, generation after generation, for sustainable and environmentally-friendly living.


Personally exploring the lifestyles of native Peruvian people is an inspiring and effective means of cultural education. For this reason, we have included visits to the Patabamba and Llachón communities. Vacationmaker families can quickly draw parallels between local families and themselves, often without realising that they are doing so. They will carry back these experiences to their own countries, sharing knowledge and improving awareness about native Peruvian life along the way.

Furthermore, assisting with the handicraft-making at Patabamba keeps old traditions alive in a practical manner. Practical experiences are central to this vacation – more specifically, practical experiences with a local focus. It is for this reason that we source all guides and instructors from the area, ensuring an authentic vacation experience. In addition, this ensures direct financial benefit to the Peruvian tourism industry, rather than to multinational firms which can drain income away.

The various Incan sites which are visited during this vacation also play a key role in the cultural education process. Machu Picchu has justifiably taken the position as an international ‘country symbol’ for Peru, but to only take clients here would do a grave disservice to the legacy of the Incas. Ultimately, it would seriously understate the significance of this former South American empire. Ollantaytambo Fortress, the landscaping of Moray, and Temple of Viracocha are important locations which provide a wider look at Incan history.

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