Family winter activity vacation in Finland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Family winter activity vacation in Finland


Multiple elements of this vacation operate with full consideration of the environment.

We insist on sending vacationmakers on group departures, minimizing the use of multiple planes. We also make sure that any transfers they take during their stay are group transfers. In both cases, overall transportation-based pollution is reduced.

In the case of snowmobiles, which are not pollution-free vehicles, we are happy to say that four-stroke engine varieties of machine are most commonly used. These produce less noise and are more efficient. Huskies and reindeer are environmentally-friendly alternatives of getting about, and we encourage their use on this vacation. Whenever clients are wandering around the wilderness near Jeris – whether by snowmobile, husky, or snowshoe – they are led on non-disruptive trails by knowledgeable guides who have full awareness and understanding of the area.

A specifically local example of environmental accordance is Torassieppi Winter Village, which is constructed from snow and ice derived from the area and is allowed to melt back into the land from which it came.


As always, our vacations make use of local guides, ensuring financial benefits for the regional economy. This also means that clients will be given a native experience of life at Jeris, rather than having an unfamiliar outside view pressed upon them.

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm has been maintained since 1847 and showcases a longstanding cultural practice which is central to both everyday life in the region and to the wider heritage of Finland. As pointed out in a 2011 National Geographic article by Jessica Benko on Scandinavian reindeer herding, in the Northern Sami language, ‘eallu’ means ‘herd’, while ‘eallin’ means ‘life’.

Reindeer are raised following methods which have been used and maintained over many decades, keeping history alive. The on-site museum plays a further role in this process of maintenance, preserving local artefacts like farming equipment. We take great pride in contributing to the upkeep of such a location.

On the subject of local traditions, it is worth mentioning that the kota lunch included in the itinerary is an excellent means of sharing Finland’s culinary heritage with vacationmakers – an atmospheric and highly memorable experience. Above all, it is a practical experience, allowing vacationmakers to directly interact, rather than just observe. In each activity, from ice-fishing to snowmobile safaris, there is an insistence on sharing practical knowledge, which ensures that classic activities and traditions are physically passed on to a wider international community.

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