Northern Lights break in Sortland, Norway

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2017: 1 Mar, 5 Mar

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Lights break in Sortland, Norway


This Sortland vacation is based in a pristine region of Northern Norway with valuable coastal areas and immense inland splendour. Clients are transferred in groups, as opposed to separate transfers. This reduces overall vehicle use and resulting pollution to the nearby area. Minibus tours and scenic drives follow carefully chosen routes, avoiding interference with natural environments.

Whale safaris follow similarly designed routes, ensuring that marine habitats are not damaged in any way. The whale safari is a highly important activity for raising international awareness about cetaceans. Watching these animals in their natural habitats is utterly awe-inspiring, providing an educational and enjoyable experience for all. Expert guides share scientific knowledge with clients, which they can then share with friends and family back home.

A non-polluting and thoroughly personal activity, Northern Lights hiking or snowshoeing allows vacationmakers to connect with the environment around them – no machines in the middle, only humans and nature. The white spaces of Sortland’s surroundings are excellent locations for getting back in touch with a world that is too often forgotten in today’s technology-obsessed society.


All activities on this Sortland vacation employ the services of locally sourced guides and instructors. It would be a gross injustice to the Norwegian tourism industry to send over representatives of our own, projecting a non-native understanding of the country and its way of life. This would result in a further injustice to vacationmakers, denying them a truly Norwegian experience.

Both trips feature visits to Sami siidas, allowing vacationmakers to immerse themselves in the culture and lifestyle of Norway’s indigenous people – more importantly, allowing Norway’s indigenous people to share their culture and lifestyle with vacationmakers. Visitors may only associate reindeers with Christmas and Santa Claus. Without dishonouring such a pleasantly festive connection, this vacation shows clients the everyday importance of reindeer herding for the Sami people and its centrality to their way of life. As a result, the cultural understanding of vacationmakers is not challenged and shot down – rather, it is supplemented and enhanced.

For many years, Sortland’s reputation as a vacation destination was seriously downplayed, prompting its reincarnation as the ‘Blue City’ of Norway. This vacation places visitors in a central city location, allowing them to make the most of local shops and restaurants, ultimately being of much benefit to community industries.

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