Laos highlights tour, 14 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos highlights tour, 14 days


Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, rapid economic and population growth has contributed to environmental threats - from urban excess, deforestation, overfishing, global warming, air pollution, and limited safe water supplies. The situation is particularly acute for Southeast Asian nations because their economies - especially the tourism sector - depend so fundamentally on pristine natural resources.

We are sensitive to these environmental challenges, and because of this, we adhere to strict environmentally-responsible practices at all times. In addition, we model these behaviors for our clients and encourage them to be environmentally respectful as well.

We try to utilize local transportation whenever possible on our tours. This not only helps the locals, but it is also good for the environment. We will use as few cars as possible on one of our journeys and will choose a boat, bike or walk if we can. We are always looking for ways to improve the environment around us and make adjustments to our itineraries as necessary.

All of our tour guides provide information to the travelers for the tour. They let them know of all of the differences of the local groups that they will be meeting, so that the travelers can be respectful of all of the locals.


We use local tour guides for all of our tours and they plan the entire tour for the travelers. They are always in contact with the travelers during the entire tour, so that they can make sure that everything is going smoothly.

We have made many local contacts over the years in every area that we tour and we like to support the locals as much as possible. We encourage our travelers to shop locally during their tours, so that they can support the locals as well. We eat at local restaurants during the tour, so that each traveler can experience traditional foods.

All of our travelers get to experience the lifestyles of the local communities during this tour. By performing traditional rituals, they are offering support to the locals. Supporting the locals can always be accomplished in many different ways. Sometimes a person will need help with a job or they just need someone to sit and talk to. Other times, a traveler can listen to a local personís experiences in life and this will mean a lot to everyone in the community.

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