Laos tailor made tour, 7 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos tailor made tour, 7 days


During this tour, we utilize bicycles instead of cars, which helps save on gas and reduce the emissions that will pollute the air. From our cooking classes and time on the organic farm, we learn that it is important to never waste food. We conserve on our water usage by visiting the Kuang Si Waterfall. This way our travelers are able to clean up without the use of water from a shower, which saves water. We always stress that it is important to conserve as much water as possible.

We also assist the farmers on the Living Land Farm. This farm is a working community farm that is located outside of town. This way of farming is very environmentally friendly and our travelers learn all of the seasonal farm activities. Our travelers may end up helping identify viable rice seeds, plow with a buffalo, planting, weeding, harvesting rice and threshing rice seed. Farming is very important for sustaining the environment, because it is where a lot of the foods that the locals eat comes from. If farming is not done properly, then they will not have enough food to eat in the future.

Our travelers are given information about each group of locals that they will see during the tour. This allows the travelers to be respectful of the different cultures and beliefs.


During this tour, our travelers are met by a local tour guide. They are experts in the area we are visiting and they are able to give us the best information on the sites we are seeing. They also make sure that we know all of the rules of the areas that we are visiting. During one of the days, we visit a traditional Baci and Cultural show and out tour guides make sure that our guests know to wear formal clothes and that they have the appropriate traditional Lao shoulder scarf.

We stay at all local hotels and eat at local restaurants, so that we can support the local economy. One of our first stops is at a local colorful market, where various hill tribes trade goods and buy provisions. This allows our travelers to experience how the local hill tribes do their business and what they trade. It also allows our travelers the ability to make purchases and support the locals and the economy. At another stop, we visit the Luang Prabang Night Market and our travelers can purchase handmade textiles and handicrafts that are locally made.

One of our lunches is on an organic farm and our travelers are able to eat traditional Lao food and sample roasted goat cheese and mulberry wine.

We also visit the Tamnak Lao Cooking School, where our travelers are able to learn how to cook a traditional Lao lunch. They learn to make Lap and Jeowbong and in return support local business.

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