Cambodia and Laos 14 day tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cambodia and Laos 14 day tour


We try our best to plan our trips so that we are being respectful to the land. We stop at destinations that have been around for hundreds of years, we travel by boat in order to conserve fuel and energy and we take care of the land we are walking on. We are careful to not drop anything and never want to damage any flowers or trees. We are very careful when we are near any monuments or statues and show them the respect that they deserve.

Our tour guides provide the travelers with as much information as possible, so that the traveler can be respectful to the different groups of locals that they will meet. Since cultures are different, we feel that our travelers need to be aware of these differences and act accordingly.

We recommend low carbon transport and make the journey as stimulating and sustainable as the stay. We choose suppliers that match our environmental values.


Our tour guides are professional and enjoy working with each travel group individually in order to plan the perfect vacation. Each one of our tours can be customized specifically for each group. Our guides are all locals from the area and they have many local contacts. They work closely with the locals, so that they can enhance your travel experience.

We know where to find all things local and we support our neighbours, spreading tourism income to those most in need

We try to provide many opportunities for travelers to experience the lifestyle, cultures and traditions of each area. We utilize many local restaurants, so that travelers can eat real traditional foods. We support the locals as much as we can, including providing the travelers with opportunities to shop for souvenirs locally. We believe that the locals are the ones who make these trips so successful. By staying at local hotels and using local transportation, we are helping the locals with their businesses as well as their economy.

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