8 day Laos tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: 8 day Laos tour


We use local boats for part of this tour, in order to save on gas and so that we are not ruining the roadways. We make sure that we are respectful of all of the areas we are touring, including the monuments. We know that the environment is a special place, so when we are eating outside, we make sure that we do not drop anything and take all trash with us when we leave. We also walk to many of our destinations if it is possible, so that we do not leave a huge carbon footprint. This is also saving the roads from being worn down from a lot of vehicle traffic.

By swimming in a local pool, the travelers reduce their water usage. This is a natural way to get clean without the need of an additional shower. We are very conscientious about water usage during our tours.

We also believe in leaving nature as we found it. We do not disturb areas that look fragile and we do not leave any litter on the ground. We try to find ways to restore nature instead of destroying it. If we find an area that looks like it is in bad shape, we will meet with the locals and see what we can do in order to improve the area.


Every client is paired up with a personal tour guide who will plan and follow through for the duration of the tour. We have become very close with the people in our tour destinations and they are very happy to help our clients learn more about the area they are touring. All of our guides are locals of the tour areas they are guiding in and they encourage travelers to purchase locally produced souvenirs.

We work with the people in Laos in order to make sure that all children can receive the same education and we encourage our clients to help in any way that they can while they are in the area. When our group is in Luang Prabang, we stop at the Big Brother Mouse shop so that our travelers can purchase children’s books for the schools. It is amazing to see the joy on everyone’s faces as we deliver the new books.

We are always respectful of the different ethnic groups in the regions that we travel to and we supply our clients with the information that they need so that they can be respectful as well. All of our clients get to experience the culture of the area that they are visiting as well as local foods.

We are a part of supporting local kindergartens and primary schools in remote areas to reduce the gap of education between city and remote area kids. We also stand firm helping central government to reduce poverty. We have varied charity programs and find any possibility ways to fund to publish text book. Every book that has been purchased by customers for school children for example, will be funded into to central funding and this money will help towards school repairing such as repair, tables, chairs, school roof.

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