Northwest Vietnam and Northern Laos vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northwest Vietnam and Northern Laos vacation


We are always trying to find ways to be environmentally friendly. We travel by boat when possible, which is lower carbon and helps with the wear and tear on the roads. During this tour, we travel by boat on Halong Bay down to Bai Chay. When we do travel by vehicle, we choose one that will fit all of our guests, so that we are not using additional vehicles. This also cuts down on the emissions that can pollute the air.

It is very important to us to conserve water as much as possible. Whenever we can, we try to swim in local ponds or lakes. This tour allows us to swim at the beautiful Khuang Si Waterfall. This is a great way for our group to get clean and fresh without using water from a shower.

All of our tour guides provide information to the travelers, so that they can have the best tour possible. When we are visiting the many monuments and temples, plus other attractions in the area, we are very cautious and respectful. We do not want to damage any of the artifacts and we want to preserve the areas for the next generations.

All of our offices are committed to using recycled and recyclable materials and energy-saving devices to minimize the impact we have on precious resources. Whenever possible, we select local suppliers and hotels that have environmentally friendly policies in place.


During this tour, we explore the areas of Northwest Vietnam, Laos and Luang Prabang. We use a local tour guide, who shares their knowledge of the area with our travelers. They are able to take us to the little known sites and provide us with information that only the locals know. By utilizing a local tour guide, we are also helping support them and their family as well as the local economy, as well as brief our guests on local cultural norms and ways to behave.

All of our travelers stay in local hotels which helps the local economy. We also eat at local restaurants, so that our travelers can eat traditional foods of the region. Our travelers are also able to see local performances on this tour, including the world famous Vietnamese Water Puppet Show. At the end of our trip, our travelers eat at the Kualao restaurant and see a traditional folklore performance after their meal.

During this tour, our travelers are able to travel to many local villages. In one of the villages, they learn how the locals raise silkworms, weave and fish. At the same village that night, we are able to connect with the locals and learn a traditional performance of Thai people. Everyone dances and enjoys local jar wine. At many of the other villages that we stop in, our travelers will be able to experience other traditions and lifestyles, which will allow them to learn more about all of the locals in the area, in return bringing economic support to the local communities .

Another local tradition that we partake in during this tour is an old Buddhist tradition. We all have the opportunity to help the locals give rice and food to the monks that line the street and this tradition is very unique to Laos. They are the only nation that still has the ritual.

A visit to the morning market offers our travelers an opportunity to visit with local crafters and other sellers. Our travelers are able to ask the crafters how they make their items and there is plenty of opportunity to make purchases and support the local artisans.

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