Thailand and Laos tour, 9 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Thailand and Laos tour, 9 days


As this is a multi country tour, transport is important to consider in environmental terms. By using boats for part of this tour in Bangkok, Changrai, Pakbeng and Luang Prabang, we are helping to lower our carbon footprint and it enables us to explore the area using local transportation. When traveling on boats, we give our travelers a better experience, because they are seeing more of the area and it is in a unique way. They would not get the same experiences if they were to travel by car. They would miss out on a lot of the scenery along the water and they would not be able to see a lot of cultures and traditions. We recommend low carbon transport and make the journey as stimulating and sustainable as the stay.

We travel with individual travelers or small groups which helps ensure that there is less impact on the natural environment. Less crowding out of places. Our local teams work hard to make sure our impact on the environment is minimised. All of our guides provide necessary information to the travelers, so that they understand how to help preserve important monuments and help keep their impact to a minimum. The information also includes what they need to know about the local ethnic groups that they will be encountering. This will allow the travelers to be respectful to each individual group.


In Thailand and Laos, every tour guide is a local to the area of their expertise. They will customize a tour for an individual or a group of travelers, in order to ensure the perfect vacation. We have become friends with many of the locals in the areas that we tour and they have been an integral part of our tour offerings. They ensure that travelers are able to learn as much as possible about many different cultures and traditions.

During your tour in Laos and Thaiand, we stay at as many local hotels as possible, especially in Pekbang. The hotels we stay at always offer our travelers local breakfasts and allow them to sample some local cooking. We also eat our meals at local restaurants serving Lao and Thai local food in the city we are at when it is time for a meal.

We always try to support the locals in as many ways as we can. We encourage our travelers to shop for souvenirs locally, especially since many of the locals are very skilled in their trade. The locals are very helpful when it comes to sharing their skills with our travelers. They are very willing to teach our travelers how they make different items and in turn, our travelers are very happy to make purchases. During this tour, we stop at Chiang Rai Night Bazaar and learn how the long necks hill tribe weaves. They share their skills on how they produce beautiful and colorful garments. While at the Bazaar, our travelers have plenty of time to shop at the local market shops.

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