Borneo and Cambodia volunteering experience

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Borneo and Cambodia volunteering experience


The health of our oceans, rivers and forests is crucial to our survival and wellbeing, yet unsustainable human activities are putting increasing pressure on our planet.

To date, our volunteers have cleared 15 tonnes of marine refuse from fragile coastlines. Simple beach clean ups achieve an enormous amount and go a long way to educate future generations as to the real value of conserving our marine ecosystems.

Cambodia was once rich in wildlife but due to deforestation and hunting, the ecosystem is in real danger. You値l play an important role in helping to reforest damaged parts of this landscape to encourage some of the world痴 most endangered wildlife to return. You値l also help us build homes for needy families in the village.

In addition, our volunteers have protected over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat and planted over 700,000 trees.


All of the camp locations that you stay in during your programme are staffed by members of the surrounding communities. Our projects are ongoing and sustainable, allowing us to commit to permanent employment for locals.

The small isolated community of Mantanani remains one of the poorest in the region with high levels of unemployment. Many families have set up homestay initiatives to generate income for their families. You値l help by continuing the development of a purpose built office & reception to welcome guests and expand this initiative.

Tinangol and surrounding villages are unable to afford mains controlled water and so they池e solely reliant on pumping fresh water from the valley below and storing it through the year. The local kindergarten also needs refurbishing. You値l help by improving the water systems in the village and constructing a play area for the kindergarten.

Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Seasonal food shortages and lack of employment opportunities leave rural young people very vulnerable to continued and increasing poverty. You値l help by developing a new classroom at the school to tackle overcrowding, as well as working on a teachers accommodation block.

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